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A recent study has revealed that 8 out of 10 men choose their partners based on their looks alone. This fact can be easily demonstrated by a simple visit to an escort agency. In the industry of professional dating guys browse through endless catalogues of pictures with amazing women before picking their dates. Nevertheless, a photograph of a hot lady says more than meets the eye. Here are some extra tips that will help you determine which companion to choose simply by looking at images of sexy models:

The look on her face

Most guys tend to judge a hot woman by the way she poses in photographs. They believe they can determine how good a woman is in bed just from her position in front of the camera. What they fail to understand is that models pose according to the photographer’s instructions and have little to say in this process.

A better way to choose your escort out of a stack of different photos is to analyze the look on her face. A dominant companion will have a straight glance and an imposing attitude, and she will surely satisfy your BDSM fetish, if you have one. A baby-face smile is more likely to play out your submission fantasy perfectly, but the other way around.


Her wardrobe and her accessories

When you look at pictures of amazing women, trying to figure out who will be your next date, pay close attention to the clothes. You can tell a lot about an escort only from the lingerie she is wearing. From classic to spandex, each piece of clothing has its natural purpose for a particular fetish. Also, try to notice other important things in the picture like sex toys, whips and handcuffs. These accessories will give you an idea about the kinkiest fetishes your future companion enjoys the most.


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